Meningitis Now staff member Rachel Oakley

Liam's pixelated marathon for Meningitis Now

Rachel Oakley | 16th July 2020

Gamer Liam didn’t want the coronavirus lockdown to get in the way of his fundraising efforts, and came up with an ingenious – if not slightly frustrating! – way to raise much-needed money

Liam's gaming marathon fundraiser for Meningitis Now

Liam, from London, said, “Meningitis is not an antiquated disease, and it can seriously affect people of all ages.

"My friend’s sister passed away during her first year of university, and Meningitis Now have provided the family with guidance and support at an incredibly difficult time.

“Being stuck inside due to coronavirus and self-isolation, I wasn’t going to be running a real marathon any time soon and I knew I had to get resourceful with my fundraising. So, I decided I would do a gaming marathon to raise money. 

“To make sure I didn’t enjoy it too much, I chose one of the most unenjoyable and torturous of games, but one that I knew had a lot of nostalgic value for people I know: Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone on PS1.

“The play-through took just under eight hours and was live-streamed on Facebook. I was over the moon that this small act raised a whopping £500! It just goes to show that you can make a big difference with a little creativity and with what you have to hand.

”Perhaps one day we will have a true-to-life Philosopher’s Stone, and the suffering will end. Until then, I’m just going to have to find the pixilated equivalent on Harry Potter!”

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