Public Health England Update - Bristol

15th September 2017

Public Health England have been notified of two confirmed cases of meningococcal group B infection and one likely case, in the Bristol area

All three people affected are currently in hospital recovering, and close household contacts have been offered antibiotics as a precaution.

These new cases come a month after the death of George Zographou, who became ill while attending the 'Boardmaster's' festival in Cornwall. George was a student at St Brendan's college in Bristol.  

One of the people affected has social links to students from St Brendan’s College, and these are currently being investigated by PHE. However, none of these recent cases are currently students at St Brendan’s.

Dr Tom Nutt CEO of Meningitis Now said: "Meningitis remains a relatively rare disease, and we would urge people in the Bristol area not to panic. We encourage everyone to learn the signs and symptoms of the disease and seek medical help immediately if meningitis is suspected."

Advice from PHE at present is for students to ensure they are up to date with their immunisations, including the MenACWY vaccine and are aware of  signs and symptoms of  meningitis / septicaemia and seek urgent medical advice if they are concerned about their health.

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