QVC deliver on workplace support

15th April 2017

Kevin nominated us and the organisation chose Meningitis Now as charity of the year and the other day our regional fundraiser and support officer in the north-west went along to collect a giant cheque for over £17,000 from Kevin and Rob Muller, the CEO of QVC in the UK.  From left to right our photo shows Kevin, Rob, Roya and Chris

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QVC raised the funds throughout the year in all sorts of ways including raffles, charity nights, end of line sale days and different sponsored events.

Three years ago, Kevin’s young son Leighton was struck down by bacterial meningitis and spent over a month in hospital battling the disease, before making a full recovery. Kevin wanted to support a charity which helps to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of the disease, so other families do not have to experience the same ordeal.

Knew we wanted to help

Kevin said: “We saw the other stories of people affected by meningitis, and all the after-care and support work Meningitis Now does, and knew we wanted to help.”

As an employee for QVC, at their UK Customer Operations Centre in Liverpool, Kevin knew that his company supported charities. He suggested Meningitis Now to his employer, as he was already planning some fundraising, and knew they had a charity of the year scheme in place.

Kevin said: “I have worked for QVC since 2002. As they support four charities a year, through nominations and a voting process, I decided to nominate Meningitis Now to become a ‘Workplace Charity’ for 2016. I knew from past experience just how effective being a QVC ‘Workplace Charity’ was for fundraising.”

Roya said: “We are so grateful to Kevin for choosing to put us forward, for QVC’s ‘Workplace Charity’ scheme, and to QVC for their fantastic support.”