Raising awareness one film at a time

13th April 2017

Young Ambassador Ross Probert from Dursley, Gloucestershire, visited Meningitis Now’s Head Office to take part in a film to help give students an insight into the effects of meningitis and how the charity helps those who are affected by it


Hi, I’m Ross! I'm 17 and in sixth form studying BTEC Science and Drama as well as A level Psychology. I first became a Young Ambassador in 2013 and have helped the charity through interacting with many people and helping to raise awareness.

The role of a Young Ambassador (YA) is very important in helping the charity spread the word of the signs and symptoms, as well as getting people to donate and join the cause. The role of a YA can be broken down into three separate parts: raising awareness, fundraising and also motivating people to join the cause.

I was in the office today to do a film project with University student Tom. We went through the many aspects of being a Young Ambassador as well as some shots around the building.  I also helped out with little jobs around the office. It is these small things that help the charity out, helping them to stride forward in the battle against the disease.

On reflection of the film, I feel it is important that students get the ACWY vaccine as it helps them to make the most of their lives, as statistics show that students are at a higher risk of getting the disease. Therefore, it is really important to get the vaccine.

If anyone asked me about my thoughts of the charity, I would instantly say it is an amazing charity, with an amazing focus and an excellent vision and motivation to reach it.

The support the charity has given my family to get through my brother’s episodes of meningitis has been amazing, and has helped to shape a better future for all of us.

As well as this I seriously enjoy getting involved in anything that I do for Meningitis Now. This is because I know it helps people and other families who have been affected by the disease.  The amount of opportunities you get is amazing, and there is always a little fun to be had alongside the serious message behind the events.

I enjoyed filming with Tom, it was an amazing experience, and I will wait to see if there are more opportunities on the way, where I can help with the vital work of Meningitis Now.