Reach for the sky

3rd September 2018

Kim Grimwood, from Lakenheath in Suffolk, took to the air for a tandem skydive to celebrate a special birthday and support our work. She explains why here

Kim skydive

“I was given a tandem skydive experience for my 30th birthday and thought if I was to jump I will do it for a charity to raise money for a cause that affects so many."

“My daughter Neve had meningitis at six weeks old and luckily had no lasting after-effects."

“I know other families are not as lucky as we are and the lives of loved ones are massively changed."

Recommend a skydive

“I hope that the small amount I raised by jumping out of a plane will help others in some way."

“I would recommend a skydive to anyone, it was the best experience ever - just a huge adrenaline rush. The feeling after is like you can take on anything! I was beaming from ear to ear!"

“What a day, I will never forget it!"

“We are luckily not affected - only the memories of the days when we were in hospital. My daughter is now 2 with no after-effects from viral meningitis.”

Thank you Kim, and we hope the landing wasn’t too bumpy.