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6th December 2015

Our Ribbon Appeal has a special meaning to our supporters

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Our Community Ambassador, Margaret Maclaren, has told us why it's particularly poignant to her.

“Although there is no form of Christmas celebration or concert planned this year for those of us in Scotland, the Ribbon Appeal is still an important way of remembering our loved ones and families affected by meningitis at this time of year."

“At this time of year I turn my thoughts to the precious times spent with family."

"Calum, my nephew, was 12 when meningitis took him from us in October 2007. He was a funny, intelligent and loving boy. Christmas time was one of his favourite times of year; he loved to be surrounded by family and friends. As a immediate family, we shared the time enjoying games and creating new memories with the younger generation. Calum enjoyed sharing the time with his sister and cousins."

“Each one of us has our special memories of him, sharing the Christmas cracker jokes, playing the Wii and board games. Calum’s smile at this time of year would light up the room - he just loved it. He would like to act out games such as charades, play the Weakest Link where he would vote himself off (him being the weakest link) and with total honesty say, ‘but I was the weakest link'."

“Our family will always treasure these times, especially because Calum was a one-off; a special boy who had so much to give and look forward to."

“This is the reason that I contribute to the appeal in Calum’s memory. By placing a ribbon on the tree and having an entry in the book, I am keeping that special memory of a wonderful soul alive, helping others by donating in this way too."

"Calum would like this as he was a giving soul. He gave his time to his friends, he helped others who struggled and seemed alone in some of his classes at school. His teachers, who shared memories at the celebration of his life, commented on how Calum was always attentive to others, how he cared and how the other kids benefited from his kindness."

“What better way to celebrate a life that made such an impact on others. Remembering him and helping others in the way that he would want, knowing that his legacy of caring for others and loving this special time lives on in such a special way.”

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