Right Royal Garden Party

7th July 2018

Our supporter Helen and her husband Peter had a lovely day out at the Queen’s Garden Party recently

Royal garden party

We’d asked them to represent us at the annual summer event as a thank you for all their support of our work, most recently when their daughter Elise, now 5, became one of the faces to help promote our revitalised Toddle Waddle fundraiser.

Elise was just 13 months old when she became ill with pneumococcal meningitis, but thankfully she went on to make a good recovery. Read Elise's Toddle Waddle story here.

Helen told us, “We had an absolutely amazing time at the Palace. It was so incredible and a real honour to be there."

“No Queen, but Charles and Camilla were there.”

Also putting in an appearance was this flamboyant character in the orange suit, reminiscent of the Tango soft drink ads (remember those?). Helen has no idea who he is but he’d clearly got the message about Team Tangerine being there that day and dressed accordingly.

We're glad you enjoyed your day Helen and Peter; thanks for going and all you do to support our work.

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