Meningitis Now staff member Rachel Oakley

Scarlett's 200km fundraising challenge for Meningitis Now

Rachel Oakley | 9th August 2020

2020 is the 20th year that the fabulous University of East Anglia hockey club have been raising money for Meningitis Now, after one of their members sadly passed away from meningitis

Scarlett's 200km running challenge to fundraise for Meningitis Now

This month, to help boost fundraising even further, team member Scarlett Woods has set herself a month-long challenge: to run an incredible 200km throughout August… what a superhero! Scarlett, from Wiltshire, tells us more.

“Hello! My name is Scarlett and over the period of August 2020 I’m going to be running 200km on my own for Meningitis Now.

“We at UEA Hockey Club know that meningitis is an infection of the protective membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord. It can be a life-threatening disease and can affect anyone; most commonly affecting young people.

“As a keen member of this hockey club, I aim to raise £200 for running 200km over the month, which will contribute to our UEA hockey yearly goal of at least £1,000 - which we have successfully achieved for a few years running now.

Proudly fundraised

“Over the years, UEA hockey club has proudly fundraised on behalf of Meningitis Now in memory of a passionate teammate, Mike, to provide necessary funds for research and to support the families affected by meningitis. Though I am fortunate to have not experienced the impacts that meningitis has directly, I realise how worthwhile it has been to support Meningitis Now while being part of the university hockey community.

“Running has never been my strong-suit so this particular challenge will be one that pushes me to my very limits! However, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have had time to reflect on my own personal goals and what I value most. I am a dedicated volunteer for many charities and I would love to participate in raising funds and awareness of Meningitis Now too as this is something I have realised is a very important part of my personal beliefs.

Hold me accountable

“I have set up an account on Strava for anyone who would like to keep up to date with my daily runs and hold me accountable to meeting my target!

“At the time of writing, I am now at the end of my 3rd day and have already raised £104 and run over 24km (so I am currently doing better than I have aimed for on my daily running plan)!”

If you’d like to sponsor Scarlett please visit her fundraising page at

You can also follow her progress on Instagram @srwoods_ and on Strava.

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