Meningitis Now staff member Clara Wiggins

School's Splash Day for Meningitis Now

Clara Wiggins | 30th July 2019

Kids at the school that inspired children’s author Nick Sharratt’s Splash Day book were out with their water blasters to support Meningitis Now’s recently launched Splash Now event

Splash Now Splash Day for Meningitis Now

Originally just for reception-aged children, Downs Infant School in Brighton took the plunge and expanded their summer fun day to the whole school after a visit from the writer last year.

Head teacher Dr Hildi Mitchell said, “We are the original 'Splash Day' school!

“Nick Sharratt based his book on the water fight that traditionally happened every year in Reception. Last year he came to read us his book and we were so excited to be characters in a real book that we decided every year group should have a Splash Day, so now it is a whole school event, with 360 children joining in.”

This year was even more special because the school were supporting our new Splash Now fundraiser. “We do have families who have been affected by meningitis, and this year we had a small collection on Splash Day,” said Hildi.

“Next year we plan to try some more creative fundraising ideas, but basically, Splash Day for us is about having fun and enjoying being a community.”

Tonnes of fun

Meningitis Now’s Community Fundraising Assistant Kat Hollywell said she loved the idea of a whole school Splash Day and hoped others would take up the idea.

“It’s obvious from the photos that all the kids are having tonnes of fun,” she said. “This is the sort of thing we really wanted to inspire when we launched our Splash Now event – children having fun with water."

“We’ve been really pleased with the response to Splash so far and had lots of sign-ups – many of them from swim schools but also some individuals who have personal meningitis connections and want to fundraise for us."

“We know lots of our little Splashers are doing sponsored swims, but we love hearing about all the other ways people are raising money for us."

“Thank you to the children and teachers at Downs Infant School – we really appreciate your help and hope you enjoyed being part of Splash Now!”

Find out more about Splash Now and sign up here.

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