Menb vaccine 2nd anniversary and still no implementation

22nd January 2015

Thursday 22 January, marks the second anniversary of the UK’s first vaccine for Meningitis B

2nd anniversary MenB

In that time some 24 UK children under one – one a month – could have died of the disease. 

Too many of our children are needlessly dying or facing disability due to the lack of progress in introducing this vaccine. On this unwelcome anniversary we are calling on Government and the vaccine manufacturer to take advantage of this last window of time before the general election to do the right thing.

Next week, there will be just 100 days before the election and, in around half that time, Parliament will be dissolved.

Our concern is that the vaccine will fall off the radar in the coming months.

Now is the time to save our children. Act now before another one is lost.

We’re calling on supporters to again press their MPs to urge Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, to introduce the vaccine immediately.

Write to your MP 

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