Skydive in memory of Thomas

7th May 2023

Thomas had just passed his driving test and was due to start university when he contracted meningococcal meningitis and septicaemia and sadly died

Skydive in memory of Thomas

Now, in memory of her son, mum Donna Murton, 52, from Selby in North Yorkshire, has taken to the skies and undertaken a skydive to raise awareness of meningitis and funds to help us fight back against the disease.

Donna told us: “I’ve always wanted to do a parachute jump but never got around to it. But now I decided the time was right and that I’d do it for a charity close to my heart. 

“I wanted to raise money to help others, and raise awareness, as this can happen at any age to anyone. 

“So, I booked myself in with Skydive Hibalstow in North Lincolnshire and off we went.

Really excited

“I was really excited and only a little nervous on the day itself and as the plane took off. Even sitting at the edge of the plane as we prepared to jump I wasn't scared – it was strange, I didn't feel anything. 

“That was till I exited the plane and then I felt ill, absolutely dreadful. All I wanted was to get to the ground. 

Skydive in memory of Thomas

“When I did get to the ground I couldn't talk for ages. I was just speechless and perhaps a little  overwhelmed by everything. I do remember thinking ‘never never again’ though!

“But I was glad I had done it in memory of my son Thomas. He sadly passed away aged just 23 from meningitis and septicaemia. He had been due to start university and had just passed his driving test the week before. 

Miss him every day

“He was on holiday in Spain at the time and passed away within 24 hours. I’ve had to stay strong for my daughter and three grandsons, but I miss him every day.”

Donna added: “I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who sponsored me for the skydive. I’ve had almost all my sponsorship money in plus the money from my justgiving page. Thank you everyone for your support.”

Our Fundraising Officer Sophia Lanciano said: “What a fantastic achievement Donna and we’re really grateful for your support, which helps us to be here for everyone who needs us.”

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