Small steps making a big difference

19th March 2018

We’re challenging you to sign up for our revamped and revitalised Toddle Waddle this spring and help fight meningitis

Toddle Waddle - intro

We’ve enlisted the help of five youngsters, all with a meningitis tale to tell, to put a spring in your step, and our wonderful illustrator, Rebecca Canavan, has captured their likenesses perfectly in our support materials.

Today we’ll introduce our super waddlers Amelia, Elise, Louie and twins Seth and Reece to you with a series of blogs. You can read the stories behind the illustrations in these blogs. But, first things first, here’s everything you need to know about Toddle Waddle.

What is Toddle Waddle?

Toddle Waddle is a short, sponsored walk for little feet (although anyone and everyone is welcome to join in) with all the money raised helping to save lives and rebuild futures.

This year we’re holding National Waddle Week between 4 - 10 June, but you can hold yours whenever and wherever you want.

It’s one of our favourite fundraisers and over the last three years has raised nearly £100,000 towards our lifesaving and life-changing work – a huge thank you to everyone who has organised or taken part in one.

Fancy dress

Why not give yours a fancy dress theme? Or you could get crafty with our free, fun downloadable activities.

Whatever you do, it’s easy to organise your Toddle Waddle. Put your best foot forward and follow these simple steps and you’ll be waddling in no time.

Step 1 – Choose a date and venue
“I chose to hold mine around my local park, and then Mum invited my best friends back to our house for food, drinks and fun Toddle Waddle activities.”

“I chose to hold mine at the beach, and we loved building sandcastles afterwards!”

Step 2 – Invite your waddlers
All little people can take part, whether they’re in a pushchair, a wheelchair, crawling, waddling or walking. There’s no minimum distance, so go as long or as short as you like. You can hold it just for friends, or see if your nursery or club would like to get involved too.

Step 3 – Raise money for Meningitis Now
Your little ones can get sponsored or you could charge a small entry fee to take part. Why not hold a picnic at the end and ask for donations?

Step 4 – It’s time to Toddle Waddle
All your hard work has paid off – let’s get waddling!

Step 5 – Make it all worthwhile
Well done! Thank you for completing your Toddle Waddle and helping us continue our fight against meningitis. Give everyone a certificate for taking part.

Most importantly… have fun, knowing each penny you raise will help save lives and rebuild futures.

“The children at Busy Bees absolutely loved dressing up for the Toddle Waddle as they could let their imaginations run wild while learning through play, bringing seriously happy childcare to life! Of course, every child loves receiving a certificate and medal. Here at Busy Bees we would recommend Toddle Waddle to anyone wanting to have fun while supporting this fantastic charity, Meningitis Now.” Sonia Harvey, Busy Bees

We have a pack of ideas and online resources to help you. Find out more and sign up at You can give our friendly team a call on 01453 768 000 or email us at We’re here to help!

So, ready, steady, go - and let the fun begin!