Karate black belt smashes 300 tiles fundraising for Meningitis Now

13th March 2018

A 32 year old martial arts expert smashed his way through 300 roof tiles in under a minute to set a new club record

Farnworth Karate

Fergal Hughes of Ryuku Karate Club smashed the tiles, displaying his amazing karate skills at Farnworth Cricket Club.

The tiles were set out in before him stacks of 10 and he completed the challenge in 54.69 seconds - much quicker than the sub-two minute target he had set himself beforehand. The black belt holder used both hands to smash the tiles, before switching to heel stamps to complete the test. By the end his hands were battered and his karate uniform spattered with blood, but he was happy to have taken on the challenge in aid of Meningitis Now.

Speaking with The Bolton News, Fergal said, “It is all for a good cause so I’m more than happy to have done it in under one minute — it’s madness."

“When one hand goes and then the other goes, you have to use any means necessary, and that’s what I had to do. When the adrenaline is going you don’t really feel the pain.”

Dad-of-one Fergal is also a keen darts player, and turns out for Pat’s Lads in the Triple D League. His record-setting feat was part of a fundraising drive by himself and team-mate Darren Bentley.

The two pals have also sworn off beer and takeaways until April 1 in aid of Meningitis Now.

Darren was first to pay tribute to his pal after his demonstration of skill and power. He said, “He was brilliant. It looked hard when his hand went, I thought ‘oh no!’, but it was amazing what he did - I couldn’t have done it."

Meningitis Now is particularly close to the duo’s hearts, as Darren’s cousin Rebecca’s young daughter is still recovering from the disease. Rebecca said, “We were just so relieved when she recovered. She still has some problems but she has come through, that’s the main thing."

“We have seen how quickly it can take over and how devastating it can be and don’t want anybody else to go through what our family has.”

To donate visit justgiving.com/fundraising/darrenandfergal

Meningitis Now fundraising - Time 4 Tea

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