A Song for Edward

12th September 2018

A singer-songwriter has written an uplifting ballad in memory of Edward Dee, who tragically died of meningitis and septicaemia

Song for Edward blog

All Hail Hyena frontman Jay Stansfield recently formed The Songwriting Company, with a focus on creating songs for remembrance, songs to remember loved ones who have passed away and to celebrate their lives in music. A Song for Edward is testament to that vision.

Jay explains, “I was commissioned recently by The Edward Dee Fund to write a song for a young boy called Edward who sadly passed away at the age of 10 from meningitis and sepsis. This energetic, thoughtful and vibrant young man inspired the entire community of Lytham… and so, after a heart-warming and emotional conversation with his mum Elizabeth, I returned to my studio, sat down at the piano and pulled his life together into song. It’s a song bursting with little stories, filled with emotion and most importantly honours the memory of Edward Dee in a way only music can provide.”

A Song for Edward was released on Friday 7 September 2018 via all major music media outlets and it already sits at Number 8 on Amazon’s Best Sellers in Songs just five days later. One Amazon reviewer says, “[Jay] has captured Edward in a song which is such a special and unique tribute. It is also another way that we can all help to continue to raise awareness and carry on to build the legacy that Liz, Edward’s mum, has dedicated herself to”. 

Talking about the song, Liz said, “It’s about love and stories, and remembers a positive child who had a massive impact on the community and inspired a lot of people.”

Aware of the symptoms 

“We want to put sepsis and meningitis on people’s radars as they can affect anybody”, she added. “I’m not trying to frighten people but make them aware of the symptoms which could be dismissed as signs of flu or a hangover”.

Edward was 10 years old when he passed away from meningitis and septicaemia in December 2016. Since then, Edward’s family, friends and the wider community have raised huge amounts of awareness and over £100,000 for Meningitis Now through the Edward Dee Forever Fund

Meningitis Now’s CEO, Dr Tom Nutt, says, “We are incredibly grateful for the sheer determination and commitment from Liz and everyone involved in reaching this incredible milestone of £100,000 in Edward’s name – thank you so much. A Song for Edward is another fantastic tribute so please do listen and download it if you can.”

Proceeds from A Song for Edward will support The Edward Dee Fund, a charity founded by Liz earlier this year, which aims to educate, engage and inspire communities whilst keeping the ‘Spirit of Edward’ at its very core. 

You can download A Song for Edward here.