Fundraising tribute for meningitis victim Adam

10th November 2017

Sports students Heather Rae, Connor Rose, Charlotte Gillies and Sophie Pedder, all 17, are cycling, rowing and running 242.3 miles, the equivalent distance between Cambridge and Amsterdam

Long Road Sixth Form

The students from Long Road Sixth Form College are paying tribute to their "much-loved" friend, who died of meningitis in January. 16-year-old Adam Tolfree from Bassingbourn died suddenly on 7 January 2017 after being rushed to hospital feeling unwell.

Speaking with Cambridge News, Sophie said, "I knew Adam all the way through primary and secondary school and then at Long Road – we were always in the same friendship group. It was horribly sudden – he fell ill on a Friday night and died the following evening."

"We wanted to continue helping Adam's family by raising as much money as possible and to raise awareness of the importance of vaccination – and of recognising the symptoms."

Charlotte said, "We wanted to find a way to bring some comfort to Adam's family by continuing the fight against meningitis."

"We don't want other families to suffer in the same way."

Heather said she was "amazed" to learn of many people who had been affected by the disease as she went around college with a collection bucket. She said, "One teacher had meningitis as a child, and a lot of students knew people who had contracted the disease and, in some cases, sadly passed away."

Connor added, "We have to organise an event as part of our course. This was something very important to us as a group of students – we are at the age which really needs the vaccination."

"I have had the Men ACWY vaccination and I would really like to encourage everyone to go to their surgery to find out about it."