Meningitis Now staff member Andy Hopkinson

Stepping out on Meningitis Now's Fabulous Virtual Walk

Andy Hopkinson | 20th November 2020

For us, and many of you, the last Sunday in September means the Five Valleys Walk – our popular sponsored trek round the beautiful hills and valleys surrounding our head office here in Stroud

Stepping out on Meningitis Now's Fabulous Virtual Walk

Of course, things were a bit different this year, but the walk lives on (and not just in spirit).

It seems many of you went ahead and walked the route, or part of it, on the day anyway. Thank you for your support and keeping us in mind.

Our picture here shows one family who did just that.

Stepping out on Meningitis Now's Fabulous Virtual Walk

Millie, Daisy and Bramble the dog are seen overlooking the Slad valley, their favourite spot for lunch.

Mum and dad Jenni and Mark told us: “We wanted to let you know that we are thinking about you all at Meningitis Now and all the good work you are doing, especially on 27 September when the Five Valleys Walk should have been.

“Well, we walked it anyway and met others doing the same on the way. I’ve just donated £50 across to you, as we would have done this if we have completed the walk officially.

“Keep up the good work and stay safe.”

Thank you Jenni and Mark for the kind words and generous donation and we look forward to seeing you when the official walk reconvenes next year!

Continue the fight

Meanwhile, anyone who wants to get their boots dirty and raise money to continue the fight against meningitis can sign up for our Fabulous Virtual Walk.

The idea is simple – walk 21 miles, the same length as our Five Valleys Walk, but do it wherever you like and take as long over it as you want to.

Register today for £21 and we’ll send you your Fabulous Virtual Walk entry pack.

Find out more on our Fabulous Virtual Walk page.