Success for recognition scheme

15th December 2018

Nearly 250 childcare providers have already signed up to our unique Meningitis Awareness Recognition Mark – with others coming on board every week

MARM for childcare providers success blog

And now the scheme has received extra endorsement from the British Association for Professional Nannies (BAPN), who have vowed to help raise meningitis awareness among the nanny profession UK-wide.

MARM for childcare providers was launched last year to encourage nurseries, childminders and others in the childcare industry to demonstrate their commitment to fighting deadly meningitis. Once signed up, actions for the providers include learning the signs and symptoms of the disease so they can spot it early should they have a case, and promoting vaccine uptake.

So far, a total of 234 nurseries, childminders and preschools have registered. Of these, 43 have been all the way through the process and completed the requirements to become fully “meningitis aware”.

Kelly Archer, MARM Co-ordinator at Meningitis Now, said, “We’ve had a really positive response to MARM and it’s great that so many childcare providers have registered for our recognition mark."

“Babies and young children remain at greatest risk of contracting meningitis. Awareness of the disease can – and does – save lives and improve outcomes.”

Following an approach by BAPN, the initiative has now been extended to include nannies. 

Tricia Pritchard, managing director at the organisation, said, “BAPN has thoroughly enjoyed working with Meningitis Now."

“We are delighted to see nannies included in this important initiative and hope that they will register to become ‘meningitis aware’. This award is open to all nannies across the UK and not just BAPN members – and it’s free!"

“We share the vision of Meningitis Now, which is for a future where no one in the UK loses their life to meningitis and everyone affected by the disease gets the support they need to rebuild their lives."

“We are confident that together we can raise much needed awareness of this truly devastating disease”.

If you use childcare or you work in childcare yourself, please do consider our MARM for childcare providers. Find out more information here.