Meningitis Now staff member Andy Hopkinson

Keep Connected with Meningitis Now's virtual support events for adults

Andy Hopkinson | 19th January 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on the way we offer support. To adapt to this new environment, we have been delivering a pilot of online events on topics designed specifically for those affected by meningitis

Meningitis Now online support events for adults

Recent participants told us that our online events helped them to feel connected, less isolated, understood by others and gave them both hope and positivity.

We have listened to your positive feedback and ideas for future topics and have planned a number of new events for you to register for.

Keep Connected – Let’s Talk about Meningitis & Heath Anxiety 
Wednesday 17 February 2021 between 7pm and 8pm

Keep Connected – Let’s Talk about Fatigue after Meningitis
Wednesday 10 March 2021 between 7pm and 8pm

Keep Connected – Let’s Talk about  Meningitis & Education: Legal rights
Wednesday 31 March 2021 between 10.30amand 11.30am

All the sessions will be led by our experienced Support team members and are designed for UK residents over 18 years of age affected by meningitis, either directly or indirectly. To take part you’ll need access to an internet connection and a laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

Impact on support offer

Cheryl Brown, our Support Services Manager, said: “We are continually adapting our services to reach out to people who need our support during this difficult time.

“We have developed a series of Keep Connected virtual support events, which are designed to help you feel less isolated, access useful information and ask questions. We hope you can join us.”

The first event will focus on anxiety following a meningitis experience.

Experience health worries

Cheryl added: “Many of us will experience worries and concerns about our own health, or the health of others at some point in our lives - this is normal. 

“For some people this can become a preoccupation, which can significantly affect everyday life and cause a great deal of distress. This is not uncommon following a serious and often devastating illness like meningitis, on top of which the added stress of the current Covid-19 pandemic can make things even worse. 

“This session will focus on increasing our understanding of anxiety and health concerns; sharing our personal experiences as well as exploring difficult thoughts, feelings and physical sensations; and discussing tips and techniques for dealing with anxiety and health concerns.”

More than just feeling tired

The second event focuses on fatigue, something that is commonly experienced following meningitis.

“Fatigue is more than just feeling tired,” Cheryl added. “It occurs when tiredness is not relieved by sleep or rest and can be overwhelming, affecting physical and mental wellbeing and impacting on daily life. 

“This event will give you the opportunity to share your own experience with others and provide you with some resources to help you to manage fatigue.”

Education affected or disrupted

Details for the third event are still being finalised but are likely to include an overview of the support available in schools; the professionals who could be involved; and the legal rights of the pupil and their family. If you are a parent or guardian of a child who has had a meningitis experience and whose education has been affected, this event is for you. 

Places at all the events are limited, so register for a place through our Online Support Events page if you’d like to take part.

Events for young people

Our Believe & Achieve programme is specifically for 14-25 year olds who have been impacted by meningitis, directly or indirectly. We are also holding a range of online events covering useful topics for young people. Please visit the Events & Weekends page for more information and to sign up.