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Meningitis death of Temptations singer

19th February 2018

It has been confirmed that singer and key member of The Temptations, Dennis Edwards, died from meningitis-related health issues aged 74


In the initial news on the passing of the Motown singer there was no mention of an official cause of death. But a new report suggests that the legendary vocalist died of complications from an unspecified strain of the disease, which his family has said he battled with for several months.

Edwards passed away two days before what would have been his 75th birthday and was “in and out of hospitals” since his diagnosis in May 2017.

Sadly, this is a prime example that people of any age can contract meningitis and that those over 55 are at an increased risk due to their immune systems becoming compromised as they get older.

A vaccine for pneumococcal meningitis is currently offered through the NHS for over 65s, however this does not prevent against the many other types of the disease, and so knowing the symptoms is essential for older people, who may not know it can affect them.

Find out more about the symptoms of meningitis in adults here.