Thanking carers for their life-changing contribution

8th June 2015

It’s National Carers’ Week (8-14 June) and we would like to thank all those dedicating their lives to look after a loved one

Carers week
Statistics show that three in five people will become carers at some point in their lives. 

Being a carer is an around-the-clock job, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It can be challenging and people don’t always realise the impact it can have on lives.

One in three surviving meningitis in the UK suffer varying after-effects. Many will recover well, but others suffer lifelong after-effects such as brain damage, epilepsy and limb loss. 

Some after-effects develop over years, but the impact changes lives forever.

“Carers don’t get enough recognition for their contribution to families and communities. I meet many people living with after-effects every day, and the impact is felt by everyone around them."

“We offer a range of free services to provide emotional support to carers and sufferers, including counselling, home visits and one-to-one support. As the financial impact can also be huge, we offer grants covering anything from specialist equipment to respite care."

“Carers enrich the lives of those who have suffered and I thank them for everything they do.”

Steve Daymen MBE, founder of Meningitis Now

In the UK there are 6.5 million unpaid carers for family members or friends. 

Caring may be brief, helping someone who has recently got out of hospital, or can be a lifetime commitment. 

While satisfying, strengthening relationships and building skills, without the right support its impact can be devastating, causing ill health, poverty and social isolation. 

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