Thomas makes a Splash

28th May 2019

Anyone thinking of signing up for our new Splash Now event can take inspiration from plucky Thomas – who has already completed his challenge and raised more than £200!

Thomas fundraising for Splash Now blog

Six-year-old Thomas, from Framlingham in Suffolk, proved he is a proper water baby by completing 60 lengths at his local pool in an amazing 78 minutes.

Mum Kelly said that Thomas had chosen Meningitis Now as a charity to raise money in memory of his uncle – her brother – who died of meningitis 30 years ago when he was just 15 months old.

Splash Now was launched just last week and is a brilliant way for anyone with children looking for a fun way to support us. It’s an event that can be held in your own time and is super simple to run – so long as it involves water in some way, we don’t mind how you do it. 

In Thomas’s case, he decided a straightforward sponsored swim was the way to go. Kelly said he did it at the same time as the London Marathon was on.

“While everyone else was running the marathon, Thomas swam his 60 lengths and did an amazing job!” she said.

“I’m so proud of him. I swam along with him and at the half way mark I went to give him a congratulations hug and he said, “No Mummy, I’ve not finished yet!”.


It can be difficult to keep count when you are swimming this number of lengths, but Kelly and Thomas came up with a clever way to keep score.

“We had a series of balls and cones,” she said.

“After every two lengths we put a ball into a bucket and when we had done ten lengths we moved a mini football cone across."

“It worked very well as we didn’t have a person to sit and count.”

Kelly also said that as well as raising money from the swim, Thomas also did a great job of raising awareness – just by being there. 

“A few people who were swimming in the lane asked what he was doing and they were all very impressed with his efforts,” she said. 

Thomas himself is obviously a very determined young man as it was his own idea to do the swim in memory of his uncle. 

“I don’t think he quite understands what a great thing he has done but we did talk in the car, coming home from the pool, about how the money will help people who have lost a brother or sister to meningitis and how money can help their families that are now sad,” added Kelly. 

“I also reminded him that he is due for his second meningitis vaccination and that the money he raised from swimming will also help scientists to make more “medicine” to give to people so they don’t get meningitis in the future."

“I hope that the new Splash Now events are a success and that Thomas has done you proud as your first swimmer. He has certainly done us proud”.

He definitely has, Kelly – and there’s a special certificate and swimming badge on its way to prove it!

To find out more about Splash Now and sign up to host an event please visit our Splash Now page.

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