A time for reflection

5th January 2015

As we all return to work after the Christmas break, it’s time to start reflecting on what we achieved last year and the challenges 2015 will bring

New year, new challenge

Christmas is a difficult time for many of the families we support and our Tree of Remembrance always reminds us why we exist.  It’s a beautiful living testimony to the lives of so many people who lost their battle with meningitis. Taking the tree down is always a moving moment.

Many of you will set personal goals for 2015, my main work goal in the first part of the year is to see the Meningitis B vaccine implemented. It’s been a two year campaign to get it introduced, we can’t afford to wait much longer, as I always say - time lost is lives lost and it already comes too late for many.

I’ve also got a personal challenge to take on. Next year (2016) is our 30th anniversary. To mark it,  I’m trekking Patagonia in February 2016, a brand new challenge for us and one I’m looking forward to. So my new year’s resolution is to get fit and join the gym! Why don’t you join me -  find out more here .

In a few weeks we're launching a very exciting new awareness film, you keep telling us we need to be harder hitting to make people sit up and take notice, and it certainly will be that.

In the meantime, please encourage friends and families to download our symptoms app, awareness is key to catching meningitis early and winter is peak time for cases of bacterial meningitis.

That’s all from me for now. Wishing you a peaceful 2015 and thank you for being part of the Meningitis Now family and continuing to support the fight against meningitis.