Today is World Meningitis Day

24th April 2017

This Monday, 24 April, is World Meningitis Day. The day is the initiative of CoMO - the worldwide Confederation of Meningitis Organisations, of which we’re a member

World meningitis day

This year CoMO is pushing the messages that you should trust your instincts and that meningitis can kill in 24 hours.

As part of this year’s awareness activity CoMO is asking people to make a short selfie-video answering the three questions:

  • Why is meningitis awareness important?
  • Why is it critical to ‘trust your instincts’?
  • What action do you want viewers to take?

You can post your video on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag: #24HourMeningitis and tag friends and family you think might like to do the same.

If you want some inspiration take a look at 'Why is meningitis awareness important?that ex-England rugby start Matt Dawson sent in to answer ‘Why is meningitis awareness important?’ As many of you will recall, Matt was a big part of the campaign to extend the age range for the Men B vaccine last year after his young son Sammy contracted the disease. 

More meningitis information and adviceThere’s also a World Meningitis Day video.

Help us and CoMO to use today to spread valuable meningitis awareness, in the UK and around the world!