Top 5 Myths About Meningitis

22nd January 2015

Knowing the signs of meningitis can save your life. The five most common myths about meningitis 

Top 5 meningitis myths

1. Only babies get meningitis

WRONGMeningitis can affect anyone

2. You always get a rash with meningitis

WRONGA rash is a sign of blood poisoning and it can be one of the last symptoms to be displayed. If and when it does, it could be too late

3. All types of meningitis can be prevented with vaccines

WRONGThere is NO vaccine to protect against all forms of meningitis.

4. Meningitis is always fatal, find out more about symptoms

WRONG: 10% of people who contract meningitis will die, 15% will be left with severe after-effects including brain damage, limb loss and scarring

5. Viral meningitis is a mild form of the disease

WRONG: Although it’s rarely life-threatening, viral meningitis can leave people with serious and debilitating after-effects, including headaches and memory loss