Tough Alex takes on Tough Mudder!

7th June 2017

In December 1988 when she was just six months old, Alex Underwood contracted pneumococcal meningitis, a life-threatening type of bacterial meningitis


Alex, 29 from Malvern Worcestershire, fought off the disease and credits her survival to her GP’s quick action, the hospital staff and her parents. She said: “Fortunately I’m still here today. However, sadly many children and adults have lost their battle with Meningitis.”

Her experience has made Alex determined to help others who have been affected by meningitis, and she is doing this by supporting the charity Meningitis Now. She said: “Ed and I are hoping to raise as much money as possible to help this brilliant charity continue the important work it does, both supporting research and raising awareness of the illness.”

Alex and her partner Ed decided to take on the ‘Tough Mudder’ challenge, a 10.5 mile obstacle course through woodlands and water, over hills, and through tons and tons of mud! Ed was in for a bit of a shock after Alex told him it was a simple 5K run, no mention of obstacles or mud!

The tough twosome completed the course saying: “Tough Mudder - the name says it all, it was VERY tough! I lost count of the number of times I questioned how I was going to complete the course!

“But we survived! And actually managed to get round in a reasonable time. We're both a little battered and bruised, but nothing broken!”

The couple had a fundraising target of £300 and have more than doubled that target, with donations still coming in! Alex said: “I can’t believe how much we've managed to raise! We've both been overwhelmed with the kind support and donations received from friends and peers.”

Kirsty Owen-Hayward, Event Fundraiser for Meningitis Now said: “We really appreciate Alex and Ed’s contribution, which will enable us to continue supporting people affected by meningitis.

They have raised a fantastic amount for Meningitis Now, smashing their original fundraising target – they should be really proud of themselves!”

Alex sums up their ‘Tough Mudder’ experience saying: “The one overriding thought that helped us both find strength when we needed it the most, was the reason behind why we were doing it.

“For anyone suffering, battling or learning to survive after meningitis; the mud, the ice, the water, the electric shocks, the bumps, bruises, cuts and subsequent aching joints -  it was all for you!"

You can still donate and support this tough twosome via their Virgin Money Giving page here.