Meningitis Now staff member Crissy Spice

Training for a Meningitis Now challenge event on holiday

Crissy Spice | 19th January 2020

Signed up to New Year, New You, now just looking to escape the January blues and go on holiday?

Meningitis Now staff member Crissy endorses event training on holiday

First, for all of you who have signed up to support us through a challenge event – thank you! We are so grateful for your support and, trust us, we know how you’re feeling now: dreading the thought of four months of training in the cold and the dark, going to the gym at an unholy hour of the morning, cooking boring old chicken and veg every Sunday night just to fuel your body correctly. Surely, you’d rather be on holiday?

Well go ahead and book that break, #teamtangerine! Training whilst on holiday can be really empowering. Not only is it easy to keep up your training but it can be more enjoyable and add to your overall vacation experience.

But if you’re worried that booking a holiday whilst you’re training for an event will throw you off course, here’s some tips to ensure you stay on track:

  • Running on holiday often means you get to explore places you wouldn’t go to if you were just a tourist. Often these moments are the most unforgettable. How many of your friends can boast they’ve run along the beach in California or up and around the hills of San Francisco?
  • Food and fuelling doesn’t have be a nightmare and you can take advantage of the local produce. Many typical holiday destinations offer plenty of fresh food including fish and fruit. Not only are you exploring the culture of this exciting new place, you’re also staying right on track with you training diet, getting some new recipe ideas and leaving that Sunday chicken and veg far behind.
  • Any regular challenge event participant can tell you that training in tough conditions always makes you stronger. So, if you’re training for a swimming event why not use the facilities at your disposal and get in the sea! Swimming in the sea will make you stronger and for many of us the opportunity to swim in open water doesn’t happen often - take advantage of it!
Meningitis Now staff member Crissy endorses event training on holiday
  • If you’ve gone on holiday with your family, sometimes you need a little ‘me’ time. Your training is the perfect excuse. Consider getting your trainers on and going for a sunrise run. Often the only people you will meet are the locals getting up and going about their day. This is a chance to really appreciate your surroundings, and the release of endorphins from your morning run will set you up for a fun filled day.

Meningitis Now staff member Crissy endorses event training on holiday

  • Similarly, exercising first thing will automatically make you more mindful of what you eat. There is so much choice of food whilst you’re on holiday and you shouldn’t have to feel like your commitment means you have to miss out. So, when you do treat yourself, you can do it guilt-free. Plus, getting up early and doing a workout when on holiday grants you permission to be a bit smug.
  • Most hotels and holiday resorts have gyms these days. This could be a blessing if your holiday destination has a particularly hot climate and even going for a sunrise workout is too much. Get out of the heat, sweat out some of that ice cream and tick a few days off your training plan by spending 40 mins or so in an air-conditioned gym.
  • Keep the holiday sickness at bay! Ever felt like you need a holiday to get over your holiday? For a lot of people relaxing and unwinding your body results in getting poorly. By maintaining a level of training and exercise whilst you’re away, you’re relaxing your mind and de-stressing your body without completely stopping.
  • Getting the kids and the whole family involved – go on a city bike tour or challenge your family to a game of beach volleyball. Getting up and active and spending quality time with them will be beneficial for everyone.
Meningitis Now staff member Crissy endorses event training on holiday
  • Look for a parkrun local to wherever you’re staying. Many countries outside the UK have these free, timed runs, from the US to Singapore. This could be particularly beneficial if you’re on holiday alone or perhaps going on a work trip as it gives you the opportunity to meet new people who have similar goals to you.

Booked your break yet? Your commitment to your training is commendable and just might be the making of this holiday.

#Teamtangerine, crossing that finish line is bound to be unforgettable but we are determined to make sure your training is every bit as memorable too. If you’ve got any tips or pictures of when exercise has really made your holiday special - we’d love to hear all about it.

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