Meningitis Now staff member Rachel Oakley

First Aid training weekend for Meningitis Now's Safety Team

Rachel Oakley | 24th January 2020

Passers-by of Randwick Scout Hut in Stroud might have had a bit of a shock at the weekend as dramatic scenes of medical emergencies unfolded in the car park…

Meningitis Now Safety Team First Aid weekend

Luckily all the scenarios were staged, as members of Meningitis Now’s Safety Team trained for their REC Level 4 Advanced / Overseas Expedition First Aid qualification. Safety Team member Rachel Oakley (who is also our Digital Marketing and Design Officer during the week), told us more.

“The weekend - led by Allan Shaw, an instructor with a phenomenal amount of First Aid and outdoor experience – covered all manner of topics with a mixture of classroom-style learning, practical activities and full-blown scenario management.

“Our first day was mostly spent indoors, watching videos, chatting about different experiences and topics, trying out dressings and bandaging techniques, putting each other in the safe airway position in what would be the most effective way if we were on a mountain or in a confined space, and practicing CPR on a range of dummies. We even had homework!

“Day Two started off quite sedately, with each of us giving a short presentation on a topic related to altitude and overseas illnesses that we’d been asked to research the night before. Once that was done, we headed outside, which is when things got a little more involved... A few of us acted as casualties (complete with a wide range of medical conditions and injuries) and the rest of us put our skills and knowledge to the test to respond in the best way to the scenes in front of us. I won’t lie – it was quite stressful! Ultimately though, it’s this scenario-based learning that teaches us to call upon our training the most, so if we need to attend as First Aiders on the scene of a genuine incident then we’ve been well-rehearsed on what to look for, what the most important things to remember are in order to sustain life and how to respond effectively.

Meningitis Now Safety Team First Aid weekend

In excellent hands

“The Safety Team are a group of volunteers with a passion for mountain hikes and expeditions, and they support all of Meningitis Now’s fantastic participants on events such as the Three Peaks Challenge. With at least one fully qualified Mountain Leader on the team and at least one Safety Team member at the front and back of each walking group, you’ll be looked after to the very best of our abilities. That said, the mountains do need to be treated with respect. Sometimes things can happen that are out of everyone’s control - like the weather - but thanks to the team’s regular training, you can take part safe in the knowledge that your health and wellbeing is in excellent hands!”

Do you fancy taking on the challenge of a lifetime? Meningitis Now still have places on our Three Peaks Challenge for May and September; visit our Three Peaks Challenge page to find out more and sign up.

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