Twins host Five Valleys walkers and raise funds

26th October 2016

Nine year old twins from Brimscombe, Stroud kindly opened up their home to walkers at this year's Five Valleys event

Karl and Lauren Blogpic

Nine year old twins Lauren and Karl Manley played a very important role at this year’s Five Valleys Walk – holding an ‘energy station’ to refresh walkers and raise vital funds to fight meningitis.

The brother and sister from Brimscombe opened up their home to weary walkers, offering drinks, homemade brownies and cakes and use of ‘luxury’ toilet facilities. 

The children, who are being home-schooled by their mum Debbie took on full responsibility for hosting the walkers, offering words of encouragement and support to some of the 1,600 dedicated walkers passing by their home on route.

Mum, Debbie was keen that hosting the stall was ‘work experience’ for the children and involved them in every aspect of planning, budgeting for and setting up the ‘energy station’. 

Lauren and Karl's Energy Station

Debbie said:

“They really enjoyed working on the stall for the day and I was surprised and humbled by their tenacity and resilience given they are just nine.

“Lauren enjoyed serving walkers from behind the table but her favourite job was greeting all of the dogs on the walk and making sure they had a drink from our water bowl!

“Karl was the salesman who touted for business but he also wished all participants well on their walk and redirected a lot who were heading on along Bourne Lane as opposed to walking up Quarhouse.

“They stayed at their station and remained cheerful and enthusiastic all day.”

Events Fundraiser, Kirsty Owen-Hayward said:

 “It was lovely to meet such inspiring young folk who helped tremendously on the day. On behalf of everyone at Meningitis Now, thank you so much.”

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