Universities are becoming meningitis aware

10th February 2019

Thank you to universities for support in 2018

MARM for universities meningitis recognition mark

We know that so many universities are committed to helping us fight meningitis. We also know that there are still students who have not yet had their ACWY vaccinations. We’d therefore like to ask you to find a way to encourage students to get these vaccinations – it’s still not too late for them to do so.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank those that invited us to campus freshers’ fayres and wellbeing events. We’ve had a busy few months attending events up and down the UK. If your university has dates for any forthcoming events this year that you’d like us to come along to, please email our volunteering team - we would love to be involved. We have plenty of materials and merchandise that we can provide for your students and can also provide volunteers to help out.

Student Meningitis Awareness Week

In October, we held our annual Student Meningitis Awareness Week campaign. Our focus was to make sure students knew what to look out for and what to do if they suspected meningitis. We were fortunate to receive funding for the campaign, which enabled us to explore other options in raising the profile of the disease – such as advertising with student publications. This helped us to reach as many students as possible.

We also reviewed what materials we could offer the campaign, so that in addition to our regular materials we were able to introduce wall planners and new student designs for our posters. More than 100 universities placed orders and we sent out nearly 300,000 materials – that doesn’t even include the orders placed before the campaign! If you haven’t placed your order, or would like to order additional materials, it's not too late. Remember, we don’t charge for any of it.

MARM update

Over 100 universities and university colleges from across the UK have now registered for our Meningitis Aware Recognition Mark (MARM) – a great success for a scheme that was launched only 18 months ago. If you have received your MARM award and would like to share how you’ve been spreading awareness of the disease across campus or perhaps how useful it has been, or if you have registered but not completed and would like some support/ideas on how to complete your checklist, let us know. do email our MARM Co-ordinator, so that we can share it with other universities. 

Can you help?

Finally, we are always looking at ways to improve knowledge of meningitis in universities and our MARM programme - and review the materials we have available to universities, so we’d really value it if you could spend a couple of minutes answering a couple of questions for us.