Meningitis Now staff member Clara Wiggins

Unlock your potential with Meningitis Now's B&A Day: Challenge

Clara Wiggins | 13th December 2019

Unlock your potential in more ways than one when you join our special Believe & Achieve Day - Challenge escape room in Reading next February

Believe & Achieve Challenge day recommended by viral meningitis survivor Cat

Not only will you get the chance to fight your way out of a themed room with a bunch of fellow Believe & Achievers, you will also be able to get to know yourself better by taking a special personality profile quiz.

The whole day will be full of challenges – which overall should give you a good insight into the sort of person you really are.

Believe & Achieve Programme Co-ordinator Becky Hartwell said she hoped the day would be a great way for participants to learn about supporting each other as well as understanding what makes themselves tick.

“Escape rooms are a really exciting way to work as a team and discover what your strengths are under pressure,” she said.

“But I want to reassure everyone that there won’t be TOO much pressure – the main objective here it to have fun!"

“And as part of the day we will also be doing some personality profiling, which we believe will help our young people to understand themselves better and assist them going forward in the next stage of their life”.


One Believe & Achiever who would certainly recommend the experience is Cat, who attended our B&A Creative Day in November. 

Cat was a student when she contracted meningitis in 2015. She said the experience left her “bone-crushingly exhausted” and added that she ended up feeling like a “light-avoiding potato”.

“The most distressing part for me was the incomprehension of my situation,” she said. “If I was supposed to have been back in lectures weeks ago, why could I still not stay awake for more than a couple of hours at a time?”

Believe & Achieve Cat viral meningitis case study

You can read Cat’s meningitis story here but she wanted to emphasise how important Meningitis Now had been in her recovery – and in particular what a lifeline Believe & Achieve had been. 

“I recently joined the Believe & Achieve section of Meningitis Now,” she said. “I went to one of their event days this month in Birmingham, which was focused on being creative and building confidence - definitely something I feel I have struggled with ever since I became ill."

“What Believe & Achieve does is to channel all our experiences into something positive, which is really what I and others like me need. I’m training to be a peer mentor and am looking forward to making new friends at the next event day.” 

To find out more about the B&A Day - Challenge event and sign up please visit our B&A Day - Challenge page or contact the team at believe&

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