Viral meningitis confirmed for Roger Daltrey

18th September 2015

In a statement this afternoon The Who confirmed their singer Roger Daltrey is recovering after being diagnosed with viral meningitis

Roger Daltrey

“Now that viral meningitis has been confirmed for Roger, he will need plenty of rest over the coming weeks. Although many people make a good recovery from viral meningitis, it can leave others with debilitating after-effects that can last for weeks, months and in some cases, years. We wish him all the best with his recovery and hope that he is able to return to the stage soon.” 

Sue Davie, Chief Executive 

The Who confirmed on Friday that they are postponing all the remaining dates of their North American tour as a result of Roger’s illness.

“We are very sorry to disappoint our fans in this way. For the last four weeks, I have been in and out of the hospital and have been diagnosed with viral meningitis. I am now on the mend and feeling a lot better but I am going to need a considerable time to recover.  The doctors tell me I will make a complete recovery, but that I should not do any touring this year.”

Roger Daltrey

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