Viral Meningitis Week - Causes

9th May 2015

We’re delighted that television and celebrity doctor Dr Ellie Cannon is supporting this year’s Viral Meningitis Week

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She said:
Viral Meningitis Week is all about getting people to talk about the disease, its symptoms and its after-effects. We want this year’s week to improve vital awareness of the disease and its true impact – with the public, health professionals and employers. Don’t sweep viral meningitis under the carpet – this year we want you to be Vocal About Viral

Dr Ellie Cannon


Many different viruses can cause viral meningitis.

The most common group of viruses to cause meningitis are called enteroviruses. These viruses live in the intestines and can commonly cause colds, sore throats, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Only rarely do these viruses spread through the body to the meninges to cause meningitis.

Other causes include the mumps, measles and herpes viruses.

Each person can be affected in a different way and will need to be treated individually. Patience and understanding are vital in helping people to overcome any problems they might have as a result of viral meningitis.

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