Viral Meningitis Week - How common is it?

8th May 2015

Most cases of viral meningitis are not severe enough to need hospital admission and treatment, but experts believe there are many thousands of cases – up to 6,000 each year

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Although rarely life-threatening, it can make people very unwell, and while most people do make a good recovery, for some recovery can be slow and the after-effects long lasting.

It can be difficult to communicate the significant impact viral meningitis can have on your daily life to others. Family and friends, let alone employers and some health professionals, simply do not understand the impact it can have on the victim's life and wellbeing. If you’re facing difficulties at work or in school or college, let people know so they can make allowances for you.

Dr Ellie Cannon

How we help

Our support can help people in their fight back from viral meningitis. We’re keen to promote our range of free services for viral meningitis victims, including funding complementary therapies, counselling, one-to-one support and home visits.

But we can’t do this without your support and donations – we rely on your enthusiasm, energy and initiative of our supporters to raise the funds we need to offer our support services. Why not join us for a month of mayhem during May – find out how here.

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Look out for more information on viral meningitis on this page throughout the week and visit our VocalAboutViral pages here.