Viral Meningitis Week - Mollaret’s meningitis

5th May 2015

Throughout the week we’re looking at some top viral facts. Today, we look at Mollaret’s meningitis

Viral week 2
Mollaret’s meningitis is the name given to a recurring form of meningitis.

This is a rare condition believed to be caused in many cases by infection with a member of the herpes family of viruses. If you have experienced viral meningitis more than once, we would encourage you to ask your GP to investigate it to try and determine the cause.

If the herpes simplex virus is identified as the cause, treatment is possible with the anti-viral drug Aciclovir.

“Although most people will make a full recovery, some are left with serious and debilitating after-effects.The road to recovery can be hard and slow and you may still be living with the after-effects, including exhaustion, headaches and memory loss, up to a year later.”

Dr. Ellie Cannon

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