Viral Meningitis Week - The recovery process

6th May 2015

Throughout the week we’re looking at some top viral facts. Today, we look at follow-up treatment

There is no specific guidance for hospitals for the follow-up of viral meningitis patients.

Generally, a lot less is understood about viral meningitis and the effects it has on sufferers, compared with bacterial meningitis.  There’s very little research undertaken, for instance.

Many people also feel they are not taken seriously and face their recovery alone.

If you have had viral meningitis and have not been offered a follow-up appointment, we would always recommend that you make an appointment with your own GP.

As viral meningitis is rarely life-threatening a lot less is understood about it and the effect it has on sufferers. Don’t be left feeling that your illness is not being taken seriously by those around you – be vocal about viral

Dr Ellie Cannon

Although most people will make a full recovery, some are left with serious and debilitating after-effects. The road to recovery can be hard and slow and you may still be living with the after-effects, including exhaustion, headaches and memory loss, up to a year later.

Our survey showed over 80% of people were no longer experiencing after-effects six months after the illness, and this rose to 93% after 12 months. However, this still means that 7% of people were living with after-effects more than one year after the illness struck.

At Meningitis Now we can provide a range of support for viral meningitis sufferers – contact our Helpline on 0808 80 10 388 to find out more.

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