Viral Meningitis Week - Vocal about viral

10th May 2015

Thank you too to television and celebrity doctor, Dr Ellie Cannon, who has supported us during the week and helped to get people talking about the disease

Viral week 7

Of course, we should be vocal about viral every day of the year, and not just during Viral Meningitis Week.

At Meningitis Now we have free viral meningitis factsheets, providing more information for patients, health professionals and employers. All factsheets include a summary of our survey findings and can be found here

Viral Meningitis Week is all about getting people to talk about the disease, its symptoms and its after-effects. We want this year’s week to improve vital awareness of the disease and its true impact – with the public, health professionals and employers. Don’t sweep viral meningitis under the carpet –be Vocal About Viral 

Dr Ellie Cannon

Read one of our featured stories this week here - Chloe's story

Look out for more information on viral meningitis on this page throughout the week and visit our VocalAboutViral pages here