Volunteer week 2015

1st June 2015

Volunteering Week 2015 is truly in full swing and we hope you have enjoyed seeing and learning exactly how the impact of each and every volunteer helps us here at Meningitis Now

Volunteer week

When better to celebrate all our volunteering heroes, recognising the range of activities and hard work they do to raise vital funds and awareness.

At Meningitis Now, volunteering comes in many forms, from handing out flyers and shaking buckets to people dedicating their time to support meningitis sufferers.

All of these people are amazing and their contribution is priceless. 

We begin the week by recognising our Head Office volunteers. They help us in many aspects of our work, including writing applications, making supporter calls and helping to research possible fundraising opportunities.

Here are just some of their achievements in 2014:

  • Counting more than £21,000 raised through Steve Dayman’s collection tins
  • Helping us to send 2,675 information and fundraising orders 
  • Helping our events team to send:

  • 753 Toddle Waddle packs
  • 187 Time 4 Tea packs 
  • 535 Five Valleys Walk packs

These three events alone raised more than £132,000 helping to fund much needed financial grants.

Here’s what our team had to say:

“Since joining the charity last year I’ve had office - based assistance from volunteers on numerous occasions – providing vital support, often at short notice.  For example, when producing the Ribbon Appeal last year a number of volunteers came in to help ensure the packs were finished properly and that letters were sent out on time. Without this help the appeal certainly wouldn’t have produced such good results. Thank you.” 

Jonny Saunders, Individual Giving Manager

“Many of our supporters volunteer by sharing their story. We’re often told that this can be therapeutic. By illustrating the disease and the impact it can have with ‘real’ experiences, we can make people really take notice; realise the importance of knowing the signs and symptoms, and the support that we can provide. It can also act as a catalyst for others to donate to our work in fighting meningitis. We are so grateful to those who take their time to submit their story to support our fight.”

 Kelly Archer, Marketing Communications Manager

“What can I say about my volunteers …. they sprinkle stardust wherever they go! They are extensions of me and I couldn't complete my job without them.”

Jo Wilson, Community Fundraising Officer

Find out more about volunteering for Meningitis Now here