Volunteering news January 2018

2nd February 2018

It's been a busy start to the year for our volunteers and ambassadors; catch up with all of the news from January

Volunteer newsletter

The law is changing. Without your permission, we won't be able to contact you about our work.

We too have been busy working on what the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) mean for Meningitis Now and all of our supporters. It is the biggest overhaul of data protection legislation for over 25 years, and will introduce new requirements UK-wide for how all organisations keep in touch with you.

Please, give us your permission to continue contacting you about our vital work.

Watch out for a mailing arriving in the next 6 weeks or so and please let us know how we can keep in touch with you going forward. If you want to stay in the fight against meningitis, we will need you to reply to this mailing. We will also be asking you if you would like to continue your good work as a volunteer with us. Please take a moment to reply and get in touch if you have any questions. Thank you.

Schools Vaccination Awareness Campaign

January heralds the arrival of a new and exciting opportunity for Meningitis Now volunteers in the form of helping with a Schools Vaccination Awareness Campaign. Over 40 of you responded to our first shout out for volunteers - a fantastic result!  We are still looking for more volunteers to support this programme in Glasgow, Newcastle, Lancaster, Wigan, Manchester, Stockport, Nottingham, Cardiff, Oxford, North London, South London, Maidstone, Brighton, Southampton and Plymouth.

If you have a few hours to spare in March and April, or September and October, and would like to help, email us at volunteerdevelopment@meningitisnow.org, or call Jean, Heather or Clemency on 01453 768 000.


Young Ambassador Louise Poole and volunteer Sareena Martin went along to South Devon College Well-being Week from 16 - 18 January and did a great job of engaging with the students; raising awareness of the importance of vaccination and of the signs and symptoms of meningitis.

Thank you both.


Community Ambassador Vanessa Whiting speaks for Meningitis Now frequently, but this time she had a new audience!  Vanessa visited Tatsfield Primary School, where she tried out our new primary school presentation and did a great job.  Thank you Vanessa and well done!

Volunteer round-up

Thank you to those of you who have already been busy in 2018 collecting tins, giving talks and raising awareness.

Welcome to our new volunteers, Emma and Arther Hughes!

2018 - looking ahead

In addition to the Schools Vaccination Awareness Campaign, we have many and varied other volunteering opportunities.  Last week we posted details of London Marathon 2018 opportunities, so head along to the volunteering opportunities board for more info. We also have the London 10,000 coming up at the end of May and your support would make a real difference to our runners. Keep your eyes peeled for this and more on Facebook and the Meningitis Now volunteering opportunities board.

Please keep sending us your volunteering pictures and stories too as we love to hear what you get up to!

To subscribe to the monthly volunteering newsletter, please email us at volunteerdevelopment@meningitisnow.org.