Volunteering news September 2017

5th October 2017

Student Campaign up and running!

Volunteering news Sept 2017

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One of our first volunteers in action this year is Margaret Mclaren, Community Ambassador: "At Strathclyde University Freshers week I met students from all over the world, speaking to them about signs and symptoms and the importance of checking up on each other." Margaret gave out over 500 symptom cards in one day alone.

Thank you to Margaret, and the many of you who have signed up for the student campaign. Thanks to you we've now got over 90 universities with a volunteer contact - that's amazing!

Volunteering round-up

Thank you for helping in these - and many other - ways this month.

The Great North Run

Rachel Oakley, Events Fundraiser, said "A massive thanks for giving your time and expertise. Your support made a huge difference to all our runners." 

Student campaign

Following the tragic death of a student at St. Brendan’s college in Bristol, we were asked to be on hand for enrolment, and volunteers joined us talking to students about vaccinations and meningitis. Jacob Gray gave a talk at Sheffield University; Alison Westwood picked up a cheque in Caerphilly; Sophie Coghlan did a talk at the Redgrave Theatre in Bristol; Jasmine Beer talked to a ladies group meeting in Bodmin; and Lydia Hannah ran an awareness stand in Gloucestershire.

Family Day in Cardiff

Family Days give families affected by meningitis the opportunity to meet others who have had similar experiences, to learn more about the support we offer and to have fun! Holly McNaughton enjoyed volunteering in Cardiff: "It was great meeting all those new people, and finding out about their stories."

Gemma Ind was there with her family and really appreciated the event: “I cannot thank enough all that get involved in the charity. Being able to speak to other parents who have gone through a similar experience is invaluable.”

Five Valleys Walk - 30th year and volunteers still going strong!

We had a wonderful day at the annual 21 mile walk around the Stroud Valleys: wonderful weather, wonderful walkers and wonderful volunteers!

Tom Nutt, who joined Meningitis Now in June as Chief Executive, said: I thought it was a fantastic and uplifting day, and a measure of how well Meningitis Now is regarded both locally and beyond. Thank you to all our volunteers."

A massive thank you to everyone!

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