Volunteering news September 2018

30th September 2018

Read the latest update from our Volunteering team for the month

Volunteering news September LB

Gearing up for the Five Valleys Walk

It's Five Valleys Walk day and we have over 30 volunteers signed up to help out, registering walkers and at checkpoints along the route. It's not too late to get involved - why not head down to one of our checkpoints and register to walk?

Thank you to volunteers Lydia and Sacha Hannah, who have been very busy this month helping out with Five Valleys Walk leafleting at Tesco in Stroud. They were also at the Brockworth Health Awareness event and raising awareness with students at the University of Gloucestershire.

Volunteer round-up

As Autumn arrives, many of you have been helping out with event support, school vaccination awareness, student awareness and much more. 

  • Alethea Lewis, in her first year of volunteering, gave her first talk at a primary school in Hertfordshire. She was overwhelmed by the wonderful response and fascinated by pupils' questions. She said, "I feel great for doing it but was so nervous beforehand. I think the kids were interested in the fact that I'm a survivor and asked questions about my time in hospital. I've not been asked that before, so that was nice". Congratulations Alethea - she has already been asked to go back!
  • Ian Watkinson went along and spoke at Leicester Grammar this week.
  • Nic Sacca and Aurelie Brunet-Lua, Debbie and Steve Manning, Elaine Zographou and Andy all went along to represent us at Frocester Beer Festival in Gloucestershire.
  • Thank you to Young Ambassador Lyndon Longhorne, who joined Founder Steve Dayman and many of us from Meningitis Now to cheer on our runners at the Great North Run 2018.
  • Tony Hayre and Jonathan Davies both picked up collection tins for us this week in Devon and Essex. It might not be the most glamorous volunteer role, but it's absolutely essential to us! Thanks to both of you.

Thank you for all your contributions as well as everything you have been doing that we haven't heard about. If you have news and stories to share, send them in or post them on our Volunteers & Ambassadors Facebook page.

Did you know?

You can order GP and schools awareness packs, simply by sending us an email at volunteering@meningitisnow.org


  • Welcome to our new Community Ambassador in Scotland, James Duff! James was a long-standing supporter and fundraiser for Meningitis Now before becoming a Community Ambassador in 2018. He became involved after losing his one-year-old nephew Kristopher to the disease. James said, "It's a cause close to my heart, as my family knows only too well the effects that meningitis can have. You never get over something like that. I'm delighted to have this opportunity to give even more back to Meningitis Now and make a difference in my local community".
  • Welcome to new volunteers Barry Patrick, Laura Irving and Anne Steggles.
Keeping in touch

Remember, you can share your volunteering pictures, stories and ideas, and virtually meet other ambassadors and volunteers on our Facebook group. Let us know what you've been doing and send in your hours, pictures and stories to volunteering@meningitisnow.org

2018 - looking ahead

Keep up to date with current opportunities at any time by looking at our Facebook group and the Opportunities Board.

Ongoing opportunities:

  • Teenage Carriage Study - The study is running over 18 months from April 2018 and we are still keen to hear from more volunteers who would be interested in helping promote the campaign in schools. For more information, read Volunteering news April 2018.
  • Student Awareness Campaign 2018 - A UK-wide opportunity; we want to spread the message here, there and everywhere. This is well under way and we are now asking for volunteers to see if they can set up an awareness stand at their local university during Meningitis Awareness Week at the end of October. If you would like to get involved, please let us know.