Volunteers raise awareness

5th March 2019

Braving the winter weather, a group of volunteers from professional services company PwC helped us raise valuable awareness recently. Louis Hammerson, one of those taking part, tells us about their day

Volunteers raise awareness of meningitis blog

“On Wednesday 11 December, myself and a large proportion of associate grade colleagues at PwC, took the day to volunteer for Meningitis Now."

“My colleague Emily Thompson had been the driving force between our staff and liaising with the volunteering team at Meningitis Now."

“Of the many ways to get involved, we chose to raise awareness and gather donations around the Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden area in central London."

More than just awareness

“If you ask me, we raised more than just awareness in the public. The general tone around those volunteering was that of a newfound consciousness of the impact and reach of meningitis, an illness that doesn’t get the exposure you would expect."

“We started the day with two members of the Meningitis Now team, providing us with a background to what the charity was about and also an evocative personal battle with meningitis and what it means to those who have had their lives touched by this disease."

“Despite the temperature hovering around zero, we were all struck with a warmth that came from each passer-by stopping and taking a symptoms card, or sparing some of their time to speak with us."

Reception was overwhelming

“If even one person we were able to reach is more aware of the signs and symptoms of meningitis and how to react, then it was worth it."

“The reception from local stores, large chains and even The National Gallery was overwhelming. Without even a purchase from ourselves, they were more than happy to take a box of signs and symptoms cards, to help reach out to all those we were unable to make contact with through the day."

“The supporting members from the charity were really supportive and approachable, which really rounded off the day."

Volunteering may not be the first thing you think of when you plan your days, nor was it for me, but since this work with Meningitis Now, it’s something I would wholeheartedly recommend and would do again myself."

“It may sound a cliché but participating actively in such a good cause really does make you feel lighter and inspired, on top of helping an organisation that can never have too much help.”

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