Vote for Taylor!

4th May 2018

Meningitis survivor Taylor Lewsley needs your support to help him win a new garden


Website ‘MyBuilder’ is giving away a magical garden makeover to the worthiest winner, and voting is open now. 

Meningitis Now supporter Terri Lewsley has entered the competition in the hope of winning a new garden more suitable to Taylor’s post-meningitis needs.

In April 2015, Taylor contracted meningococcal septicaemia, which resulted in both of his legs being amputated, along with all of his fingers. Taylor also suffered from damage to his spleen and has been left with chronic kidney disease.

Taylor was given just two hours to live and was put into a medically induced coma, where he remained for 17 days – much to the amazement of doctors and his family.

The next eight months were up and down for Taylor and his family, as he was put into a further two induced comas as he fought for his life.

Taylor has had over 60 operations since becoming ill, and he will continue to need more throughout his life. 

The youngster is currently learning to walk on his prosthetic legs. Mum Terri said, “He has come so far in such a short time and I am really proud of him.”

Terri is hopeful that people will vote for Taylor, so he can begin to enjoy playing safely in his garden - just like any other child. Terri said, “We moved into a specially adapted bungalow last year so that we have somewhere that Taylor can access whether he is in his wheelchair or not.” 

“The garden however is a complete mess. It is on a steep hill, it isn’t level at all and it is definitely not safe enough for Taylor to play in.”

“I would love to win this competition to let Taylor have his own garden, his haven to play in safely like any other child his age! Please vote for us.”

Voting is now open - please show your support to Terri and Taylor by voting for them.  

Voting closes on 20 May.