What’s happening for student volunteering week?

3rd February 2016

Did you know that Student Volunteering Week takes place between 22 and 28 February?

Student volunteer week

Student Volunteering Week is all about spotlighting the amazing work of student volunteers in the UK, having fun and inspiring more students to give volunteering a try.

Last year 86 colleges and universities hosted events and activities for Student Volunteering Week. 

All students should have access to volunteering and social action opportunities while they’re at college or university. It can be a really valuable experience alongside the academic, sporting and cultural opportunities they have, and will be looked on favourably by potential future employers.

And there’s lots of ways students can support our work. You have the power and potential to shape a better future.

Young Ambassadors

Many of our Young Ambassadors – like Rosie Heaton and Louise Greer to name but two – are active student volunteers, helping to raise awareness of the disease and funds to fight it. 

Rosie appeared on a local tv channel in Leeds, where she’s at uni, just a few weeks ago, stressing the importance of getting the ACWY vaccination. And Louise is raising awareness through being one of the models for the sculptures in our garden at Chelsea this year.

Get inspired

So why not get inspired for Student Volunteering Week and see what you can do?

Here are some actions you could take to mark the week to get you thinking:

  • Have a look at our Fight for Now website, specifically for students and young people, at www.fightfornow.org, and get three of your friends to do the same. Challenge them to pass it on and each get three more friends to look at the site and learn about meningitis and how to start helping to protect themselves. 
  • Pledge to take on a challenge to raise funds to fight meningitis. There’s lots of events to chose from on our website. Take a look here
  • Write a blog for our student website, Fight for Now and tell us about your meningitis experience, whether it was you or a friend or family member who had the disease.
  • Encourage your friends to make sure they get their ACWY vaccination. Put up a copy of our poster in the Uni and at the campus health centre and distribute Signs and Symptoms cards to your club or society members. Copies are available through our website.
  • Arrange to meet a charity representative – either one of our staff members or one of our Community Ambassadors or Futures Builders – and explore opportunities for doing something together that will make a difference in your area. We can put you in touch. 
  • Organise a celebration to recognise what’s already been done to fight back against meningitis, perhaps linking with other groups and individuals in the local community.

As we said earlier – it’s a week for spotlighting the amazing work of student volunteers in the UK, so, at the very least, do that by letting us know what you’re planning, what you did and how it went.