Why is our research important?

5th May 2015

In the final blog in her series, researcher Dr Marie Yang outlines why her research is so important


The impact

The rise in antimicrobial resistance and serotype replacement, combined with the imminent introduction of Bexsero® (meningococcal group B vaccine) in the UK and worldwide, are likely to place the pneumococcus at the forefront of the causative agents of bacterial meningitis.

Now, more than ever, a more robust vaccine against pneumococcal meningitis needs to be developed.

Meningitis Now and its benefactors have entrusted us to make breakthrough discoveries in the fight against meningitis. We perceive this as an immense privilege but also a huge responsibility to deliver results and make progress.

Our mission is to continue concentrating our efforts on the development of novel vaccine and therapeutic strategies towards the eradication of this devastating disease.

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