World Meningitis Day

22nd April 2018

World Meningitis Day is an initiative of CoMO - the worldwide Confederation of Meningitis Organisations, of which we are a member

World Meningitis Day

It takes place on Tuesday 24 April and aims to spread the word about meningitis, how to spot it and what causes it, as well as the importance of vaccines. We'll be supporting the day in the UK.

The theme for World Meningitis Day 2018 is #AllMeningitisMatters. The campaign will focus on the different causes of meningitis and the vaccines that can help protect against certain strains of bacterial and viral meningitis.

The key messages of the 2018 campaign are:

  • Meningitis is a potentially deadly disease that can kill within 24 hours.
  • Bacterial meningitis can be caused by many different types of bacteria.
  • There are safe and effective vaccines that protect against the most common causes of bacterial and viral meningitis.
  • Not all strains of meningitis are vaccine preventable, so being able to recognise the symptoms is crucial. 

Our chief executive, Dr Tom Nutt, said, “At Meningitis Now we’re keen to take every opportunity that comes our way to help spread awareness about meningitis. World Meningitis Day presents the perfect opportunity and we’d ask all our supporters to take to social media on Tuesday 24 April and help spread these important messages."

“Together, through this and initiatives like, it we can make a real impact on this disease.”