Vaccine introduction

We will campaign for the introduction of licensed vaccines as soon as they become available in the UK. Our current focus is on extending the new Men B vaccine


Men B vaccine

We campaigned for the introduction of the Men B vaccine since January 2013, when it was licensed for use in the UK. The Government recommended it's introduction to babies as part of the national immunisation programme, and on 1 September 2015, the UK became the first country in the world to offer its newborn babies the new vaccine Bexsero via a national health service.

As part of our Meningitis B vaccine campaign, we:

  • Urged the Government and vaccine manufacturer to complete price negotiations as soon as possible.
  • Sought regular updates from the Department of Health to keep us informed and our supporters up to date.
  • Called for Bexsero to be included in the 2014 section 7a agreement between NHS England and Department of Health.

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