Amy Taylor

The 2 weeks that I was suffering with TB meningitis changed my life forever, although I made a full recovery and I will forever count my blessings for that


Young ambassador

Hey! My names Amy, I suffered from TB meningitis when I was just 7 years old

I am one of the very lucky ones who made a full recovery and I am using my experience to raise awareness and to help the people who were or are in my position to get through this illness. 

In May 2002, just after my mum's birthday I began to have excruciating stomach pains, pains that I knew were serious. A few hours later the doctor came and immediately called for an ambulance, it was then that I was transported to Fairfield Hospital but as soon as I got there, the doctors immediately transferred me to the A&E department at Pendlebury Hospital. It was then that the doctors did numerous tests and found that I had TB Meningitis. 

The pain that I was in still remains in my memories today, the worst memory I can think of is when they had to use my foot to get a clear vein for a needle to take blood as all of my other veins had simply closed up due to the sheer amount that they had to use them. My parents and sister were so strong, they stayed right by my side and never left me, even though I was the one who was physically going through this disease, I know the sheer emotional pain that they went though during the terrible times.

The 2 weeks that I was suffering with TB meningitis changed my life forever, although I made a full recovery and I will forever count my blessings for that, I still hold the emotional memories that I know will stay with me for the rest of my life. This is why I want to make a change, I am now studying at The University of York and I want to use my voice in and around campus to raise money for this incredible charity and cause. I am going to put flyers up around the university and hand out signs and symptoms cards at the upcoming freshers fair, however I want to make a big change and I want any person who is or has been through meningitis to know that with my help they can better and they can have the emotional support that they need throughout both the illness and the time after. 

I am in the process of planning some charity events with my friends at university for the trust,  and I am going to use my voice as a young ambassador to make a change and to show people the true dangers of meningitis.

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