Meningitis Now staff member Ellie White

What would Beyonce do?

Ellie White

Digital Marketing Officer

Hi! I'm Ellie, Digital Marketing Officer at Meningitis Now

The year you joined the charity

April 2019.

A brief overview of your role – what are you responsible for?

Alongside my manager David, and teammate Rachel, I help ensure that the website is kept up to date with all of the current disease, research and vaccine information, support offerings, meningitis stories, news and events and monitor a wide range of statistics to make sure our content is what our supporters are looking for and want to see. I also manage our digital image on social media. I work closely with bloggers and our content writers to create engaging content and share our supporters stories. I keep a track of what our supporters are interested in, and help set the tone and direction of our social media outreach. 

Your biggest achievements

The video I posted of a young girl showing off her taekwondo moves, who is a double amputee, went viral reaching 20 million people!

A fun fact about yourself

I have swam with turtles 🐢

How you can be contacted

I am behind the scenes of all our social media; I can be emailed on or you can message me on my Facebook profile