Gillian Marshall

Seeing my daughter's determination and fight for life is the biggest reward I could ever ask for

Gillian Marshall

Community Fundraiser

Hi, I'm Gillian, Community Fundraising Officer for Scotland at Meningitis Now.

The year you joined the charity

January 2018.

A brief overview of your role - what are you responsible for?

I help to develop fundraising opportunities and help to promote and deliver these events. I am thoroughly enjoying it and have already met lots of lovely people, both co-workers and supporters.

Your favourite part of your role

My favourite part of my work is getting to help and meet our wonderful supporters who put so much into the charity.

Your biggest achievements

My biggest achievement is my two daughters. My youngest daughter contracted bacterial meningitis at 13 days old. Seeing her determination and  fight for life is the biggest reward I could ever ask for.

A fun fact about yourself

In my spare time I am also a teacher of Design and Technology, which I have been doing for nearly 20 years. When I can squeeze it in I enjoy designing and making chairs!

How you can be contacted

Email me at, call me on 07469 220 259 or message me on Facebook.