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I will be helping to raise vital funds and spread awareness

Max P

Young Ambassador

Hi, I'm Max. I was affected by meningitis at 4 1/2 months old and it has affected me in a lot of ways.

From not being able to go out with my mates, to doing certain activities including bike riding and swimming - and I have also missed a lot of school work due to my surgery that lengthens my leg. 

It has changed my life dramatically, but, if I didn't have to go through all my operations and stuff to do with my leg, I don't think I would be the person I am today.

Becoming a Young Ambassador for Meningitis Now is important, because I have experienced the disease and can relate to a lot of people and help spread the awareness it needs and talk to people who have had it.

I will be helping to raise vital funds and spread awareness of the disease in my local area.

  • Fiona Yelland

    Fiona Y

    Young Ambassador

    Hi, I’m Fiona. I had meningitis when I was 15, on 4 October 2011; it was just a normal school day. However, that was about to change.

  • Kiera W


    Young Ambassador

    Hello, my name is Kiera. Many years before I was born, my parents had their first child, Dominic. Dominic contracted meningitis B at a very young age, shortly after he won his battle with cancer.

  • Olivia Geary


    Young Ambassador

    Hi, I’m Livvy. My meningitis story begins with my nephew Jack, now aged 8. When Jack was two years old, he became extremely pale and weak after he had been unwell at a children’s party a few hours previous.

  • Young Ambassador day

    Matt W

    Young Ambassador

    Hi, I’m Matt. In August 2012 I became a Young Ambassador for Meningitis Now. The Young Ambassador’s role is to promote Meningitis Now to young people, and this is a huge challenge.